Porto Santo Island

DSC_0169_50006Porto Santo was the last Portuguese jewel to be known among the diving community, but was the first place where a shipwreck was purposely sunk for divers in Portugal, giving strength to the expression “last but not least”. Since it went down in 2000, the “Madeirense” wreck has gained importance in local tourism. Hundreds of divers from around the world have visited already this incredible dive site and experienced the clearest water in Portugal. Just 40 kilometres from Madeira and 1000  from mainland Portugal, with no rivers and endless open waters around, that make 40 to 60 meters visibilities possible, perfect for dives in the blue. There are a few mountain tops where you can see big schools of barracudas, tunas and lilies. In the winter and spring dolphins, common whales and sperm whales cross this waters, just on time for your vacation. Around the island there are over 20 dive sites to suit all needs. If you love warm waters and good visibility, Porto Santo is the most certain place to find it, all year round, in Portugal. The 70 meter length of “Madeirense” provides a home to numerous species. Look for sting rays in the sand and be ready for encounters with large groupers at all times. If you love going deep, don’t miss the famous black coral. The discovery type divers can see canons and anchors and free away their imagination to these perfect waters. Don’t expect a lot of macro life, except for a few nudibranches; they all live in Madeira Island. Named as Golden Island, Porto Santo is the most complete beach of Portugal with 6 miles of sand, the warmest waters and peace, a lot of peace. It is a quiet island and its people want to keep it so. When you come to Porto Santo leave all your stress and bad habits at your local airport and bring your peace and serenity so you can blend in and make the best of your time. For sure they have one of the best senses of humour of Portugal. Learn some Portuguese and you will see what it means to be funny around here.


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