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Mantamaria Dive Center

Once you arrive at Mantamaria Dive Center you will notice it is not just another dive center. It’s new, clean, organized and the Bauer Pure Air certified filling station speaks for it self, ready for Nitrox, Trimix and rebreather system. Mantamaria is a CMAS, PADI and TDI/SSI dive center and can take you diving really deep if you are certified for it.

One of the first things that stand out is that they have their facilities just by Vila do Porto Marina; which makes dive departure and arrival operations and equipment mounting more comfortable and pleasant.

Operating since May 2011, Mantamaria dive center is well organized with all the equipment for renting neat and clean and a desk to welcome guests and for paperwork. The other part of the dive center is dedicated to the filling station and an area prepared to dry diving equipment. Outside there are plenty of clean water tanks for all kinds of equipment, including photography and video.

Since it has its own filling station, bottles usually are filled up to 240 bars. Witch is an extra bonus to your dives.

At the pier 2 pneumatic and 2 fibber glass boats stand ready to take you diving or touring around the island. Hot showers and toilets are at the close by Clube Naval.

Ana João Pires, Dive Instructor at Mantamaria, briefs and leads the dives with the perfect rhythm of a guided visit. First day diving is usually around the island for divers to adapt this unique underwater environment.

Mantamaria takes you diving to about 15 to 20 dive spots around the island, to Ambrósio, to the Formigas Islets and Dollabarat Reef. To Formigas and Dollabarat you have to leave at 7 in the morning and have a 2 hour boat trip to one of the best dives in the Atlantic Ocean.

This trip is also worth for the fabulous homemade tuna preserve that Jorge Botelho, the owner, and Ana bring for lunch by the Formigão lighthouse. They also bring Azorean island cheese and bread, Santa Maria’s melons and watermelons as well as plenty of fresh water. The experience of having lunch in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is overwhelming and unforgettable .The trips to and from Formigas are spectacular overlooking the island, with its landscapes, cliffs, lighthouses and waterfalls, as well as the so often dolphin encounters.

Mantamaria‘s services don’t stop while you are ashore. They pick up to dive and take you back to your hotel. Expect as well, if the sea doesn’t allow you to dive, that Mantamaria takes you on a tour to get to know this beautiful island.

When you dive with Mantamaria you will probably see manta rays, big schools of fish, black coral, the spectacular Azorean underwater landscapes, amazing blue dives at the “Ambrósio” or the João Lopes Sea Mount, and maybe, get to see whale sharks, sharks, sun fishes and turtles. For sure, you will make some new friends among staff and other divers.

If you feel like spending a few days diving in Santa Maria Island, Mantamaria has dive packages with the local hotels. Contact them for more information.


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Mantamaria Dive Center
Estrada da Birmânia
Marina de Vila do Porto
Santa Maria – Azores
Tel: +351 918685447 / +351 917287286


More about Mantamaria at www.mantamaria.com




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