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Madeira Islands

Scuba diving in Madeira has been gaining increasing importance among those who visit the islands. The mild climate throughout the year, the temperature of sea water to about 18 and 23°C, clear waters and very likely to see species such as large groupers, dolphins, stingrays and manta rays are the main reasons why divers consider …

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Porto Santo Island

Porto Santo was the last Portuguese jewel to be known among the diving community, but was the first place where a shipwreck was purposely sunk for divers in Portugal, giving strength to the expression “last but not least”. Since it went down in 2000, the “Madeirense” wreck has gained importance in local tourism. Hundreds of …

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Garajau Marine Reserve

In 1986 was declared the first and only Marine Reserve in Portugal, with 6 miles in length, 376ha and around 600 meters wide. The intention was to protect the local and endemic species and to use the reserve has a nursery to develop and establish species such as the groupers and the monk seals. The …

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