If you are by any chance exploring the Alentejo with its famous hills, water damns and excellent rural areas, or cruising along the Costa Vicentina and Litoral Alentejano Natural Park and you want to get wet, you are in for a surprise. The best diving area is from Sines to Vilanova de Milfontes with Porto Covo as diving epicentre, but diving operators are working to find more dive sites and develop diving tourism. More suitable for summer vacation, these waters are clear with sandy bottoms and rock cliffs without algae, gorgonians or hard coral. There is a giant anemone famous for its red colour very difficult to find in other parts of the country. The most common fish around is the pig fish, famous for its curiosity and fin bites. Pelagics cross these waters so you might get lucky, you could eve see some dolphins, but don’t bet your money on it, they are very shy and are not very used to divers. You can see the regular macro life around: anemones, sponges, blennies, nudibranches and small fish. The clarity of the water and the natural cliffs gives you that flying feeling that divers love so much. There are a few small wrecks around Sines visited regularly. The coastline is beautiful and the less habited in all Portugal. Located in Alentejo where the sun shines strongly in summer, diving is very refreshing. Close but yet away from big cities, Alentejo coastline is unique in Portugal. The advantage of Portugal being small is the fact that you can be nearly anywhere in 4 to 5 hours, giving you the opportunity to dive in different places without spending precious time of your vacation moving around. To get an idea, Sines is only about 1,5 hour to Sesimbra and another 2 hours to the Algarve, get the picture? If you are in a dive trip, don’t miss diving in Alentejo.


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