Welcome to Portugal

Ever thought about diving in Portugal? No?! Think twice!
There are 1230 km of mainland coast, 920 km of island coastline, 12 islands, eight marine reserves and parks, combined with the rich and magnificent Atlantic Ocean, making Portugal the best and most diverse country in Europe for scuba diving and other water activities.
The dive sites in Portugal are all located in the Atlantic Ocean, the least polluted on the planet, and in recent years has been awarded the EU blue flag for quality of water at many beaches in the country. The visibility in the continent is generally between 3 and 15 meters but can reach 30 meters. In the islands is considerably larger. Diving in Portugal it is possible all year round, with water temperatures ranging between 13 and 24 º C (55-75 º F), being the hottest in the south and the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores. You can soak comfortably with wet  5-7 mm suite, which like other necessary equipment is available for rent in diving centres.
Come face to face with a vibrant underwater world, and sometimes even bizarre.
You can see manta rays, whales, dolphins and volcanic scenery in the Azores; sharks, large groupers and schools of fish, exotic fauna and flora in Madeira, caves, wrecks, and lots of fish, the sunfish always shy and a haven for macro life on the continent. All within a few hours away from each other.
In all dive sites are schools with years of experience and knowledgeable of some areas of coast better than anyone. Operators in any location may indicate the dozens of dive sites available, those that best fit the skill levels and interests of each diver and his group.
Caves, caverns, schools, macro life, wrecks, pelagic, deep dives and technical, the menu has everything, you name it and ask. The natural beauty of Portugal makes the journey to each point of immersion accompanied by breathtaking landscapes of steep cliffs, deserted beaches and volcanic peaks that will leave you amazed even before diving.
Also the hotel and restaurant are present with a diversity of quality, service and price tailored to you. You can choose from hotels, inns, apartment or camping, you will be well served.
Portugal opens the doors of its seas to be discovered, making sure that your visit will not be just one more. Read more about Portugal…

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