Berlengas Archipelago

Located 11 miles from Peniche one of Europe’s Surf Mecca, the Berlengas Archipelago is Heaven for tech-divers. If you are one, collect all the information about Berlengas and start planning your vacation now. If not, don’t worry, there are dozens of dive sites suitable for all diving certifications and experience. Great Berlenga is the larger island and is it self a Natural Park where only locals can live in. There is Hostel where you can stay comfortably otherwise there are camping facilities. You can divide your diving in the archipelago in 3 parts: Berlenga, Stelae and Farilhões. These waters are famous for its deep blue colour, the best in the mainland, very similar to Madeira and Azores Islands and are also home for dolphins and large schools of different fish. Visibility goes from 6 to 30 meters, which is the maximum visibility in the mainland. There are beautiful caves full of red gorgonians and plenty of macro life. Full of life are also the sandy bottoms and the walls with different coloured anemones. Around Stelae and Farilhões are dozens of shipwrecks, at different depths, making this area the largest shipwreck graveyard in Portugal, and making the Berlengas the best mainland spot for adventurous divers.

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