Great place to visit for holiday, Sesimbra is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions  and for sure the diving capital of Portugal.with miles of  Sandy beaches from the Albufeira Lagoon to Meco,  some almost deserted, others only reachable by sea, and the bay where the sea seems more like a pool, make Sesimbra a place of choice for sunbathers, water sports lovers and Divers.
A plus is the renewed facilities and the location of the diving centers and diving schools that are right in the harbour, which makes the outlet to the sea much easier and enjoyable.
The time of boat does not exceed 40 minutes being the farthest point only 15 km of the harbour.
The tours are accompanied by images of pristine mountains, deserted beaches and breathtaking landscapes that will leave you amazed even before you have visited the bottom of the Blue Coast Pearl.
You can choose among various types of dive: wall, drift, caves, shipwrecks, deep dives or in calm bays.
From the Cape Espichel to the Bay of Armação, which is only 5 minutes from the town, there are many dive sites possible, that will fill your eyes with biodiversity and life.
In a single dive can be seen gorgonians, anemones, laminated, vegetation and sponges forming authentic rugs live on the rocky bottom; sea bream, snapper, pig fish, and sun fish, crabs, octopus, cuttlefish, many lobsters and many more nudibranchs…
The depths of dives range from 12 meters at Mar da Pedra and 40 meters in some locations off Cape Espichel, managing to reconcile dives recommended to less experienced divers and dive more technical and demanding due to variations in depth and visibility, which is considerably better in the winter.
In winter the waters are generally between 12 C and 16 º C and in summer between 16 º C and 22 º C.
Get ready to dive!

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