III Biennial of Underwater Tourism of Azores

The III Biennial of Underwater Tourism of the Azores will take place in Graciosa Island, in Azores,  from 14th to 16th October in a joint organization of two local associations, the Associação Graciosense de Promoção de Eventos and the Regional Tourism Association (ART). This event is a valuable opportunity for the community of diving professionals to meet, exchange ideas, explore the state of the art and debate the key issues in the areas of diving, tourism, environment and safety, while meeting with a number of invited specialists and operators. Additionally, this event provides the opportunity to establish professional collaboration and also to explore first-hand the local resources and plan for future activities. This third edition of the event allows extending the initial goal of contributing to the aim of developing diving tourism as strategic product of Azores. This event is gaining momentum both in Azores and in national terms among recreational divers and diving professionals. The next step is to increase the international recognition of the event in the coming editions, especially in key markets the Azores, such as Spain, Germany and the Nordic Countries. This year’s edition main subjects are: Diving and Environment; Diving and tourism; Health & Safety in Diving; Artificial reefs and wrecks; Technical Diving and Quality of service by Scuba Diving centers. National and international experts are participating, especially from Spain and this year’s edition has as special partners the national diving federation, the Federação Portuguesa de Actividades Subaquáticas – FPAS, and two Portuguese universities, the Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril and Universidade dos Açores.

Special conditions for those who wish to attend the III Biennial are available on the website www.bienal-turismosubaquatico.org.








More about Graciosa Island Here.                                                      More about Diving in Graciosa Island here.





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