Lagos, Portimão and Lagoa

If you are around Algarve, we can bet you are eating very good, partying hard and sleeping even better in the wonderful warm, windless beaches that make this massive Bay from Lagos to Lagoa a perfect place to get wet. With low currents and surrounded by two small rivers and the larger Arade River, itself a must see, local waters are not as pristine as other places in Portugal. That is not a problem because macro life will, for certain, rule your dive. Also, it is the most probable place to see spotted rays and giant nudibranches, the biggest in Portugal. Sandy bottoms and scattered rocks filled with algae, sponges, anemones, hidden Mediterranean moray eels and shrimps are seen almost every dive. Funny blennies, sea beams, lobsters, crabs, octopuses and cuttlefish are always around as well as other colourful fish species. Don’t miss the Alvor artificial reef built in 2000 to protect and develop local species and to create excellent dive sites. The reef offers what it was created for: lots of fish and macro life. If you want to go deeper, in 1917 during WWI, the German submarine U35, sunk a couple of steamboats and other ships, allowing divers to visit this old wrecks, nearly 100 years latter, and experience some adrenaline dives… Eat, drink, sleep,party and dive are the life motto in Algarve. Make sure you fulfil each one of the items while you are planning your next year vacation to some other fantastic place in Portugal.



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