Diving in Sagres is probably the best way to refresh your ideas while staying in the Algarve. Located at the southern west tip of Europe, overlooking the Atlantic, just 40 miles from the center of the Algarve where all the action is. Diving in Sagres is excelent to get away from the city and get to know some of the typical villages, like Vila do Bispo. Famous for it’s caves, walls full of gorgonians and shipwrecks, along with the sunfish and various tipes of nudibranches, there is plenty to see in every dive. In the rocky bottoms arround Sagres, you can expect to see lobstres, different types of shrimp, anemons, cuttlefish, octopusses, several colour gorgonians, from deep pink to electric yellow, they hold innumerous sea life species that are, for sure, the delights for underwater photographers. Some of the caves are massive and play incredible light shows for divers. Arround Sagres are several beaches to relax after diving. Try the local gastronomy to add that fifth star to your day.





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