It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to dive in a sunk submarine. The U-1277 gives you that chance, if you have a discovery rip, this dive is a must. Sunken by its commander after the end of WWII, the U-1277 rests at 31 meters very well preserved, allowing you to recognize details like the torpedo tubes or the tower. Is filled with white anemones and is home for various types of animal life like congros, octopuses, gobies, nudibranches and others. You will not be surrounded by steel in a sand bottom only. The Submarine is an island of life in the bottom of the sea. Be shore that the waters of the north of Portugal are rough, don’t expect Caribbean calm sea. The proof is numerous other shipwrecks around. Water is colder here and currents are stronger, so we recommend dry suit for an easy dive. Giant jellyfish, sardines, massive octopuses and shrimp are also common. If you love different experiences you shouldn’t miss diving at the north of Portugal.




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