Madeira Islands

Scuba diving in Madeira has been gaining increasing importance among those who visit the islands. The mild climate throughout the year, the temperature of sea water to about 18 and 23°C, clear waters and very likely to see species such as large groupers, dolphins, stingrays and manta rays are the main reasons why divers consider the islands of Madeira for holidays.
The Madeira Archipelago is situated in an area of ocean waters typically with great depth, thus forming a sea extremely crisp and dark blue.
These characteristics are mainly due to the volcanic islands, which are nothing more than huge underwater mountains that rise from the abyssal plain. Along the coast you can find a wealth of underwater life where fish as emblematic as the Mere, the Spotted Morey, or the Seahorses stand out.
A mile off the coast, you can find oceanic features where several species of tuna and small pelagic fishes such as Atlantic horse mackerel and mackerel which are important fishery resources of the region as well as blue marlin, much sought by big game fishing.
There are several diving schools and leisure companies, mainly located in Funchal and Caniço, who teach diving courses for all levels, diving excursions for more experienced and even equipment rental.
Dives as the Yacht Club where there are numerous guns at a maximum depth of 25 meters and large fish.
It should also be noted that there are two nature reserves – Desert Islands and Savage Islands – and two Marine Reserves – Garajau and Rocha do Navio. The latter, located in the municipality of Santana, is known for being the natural habitat of the monk seal (Monachus monachus), also known as the Fur.
Porto Santo Island is known and visited by scuba diver for a long time, for the clarity, the colour and the temperature of its waters and the beauty of the seabed. The place for divers is the area south of the harbour, where the ship “Madeirense” that linked the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo for decades sunk in 2000.  hundreds of divers have already visited the spot, and they all agree on the potential to become a world-class diving site. Read more about Madeira Islands…

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