From the fresh and deep waters around Sagres to the warm and calm waters of Portimão and Albufeira, Algarve has always welcomed divers from around the world more then any other region in Portugal. The Algarve is full of action and is the warmest place in Portugal, just a few hundred miles from Africa and blessed by cool tempered waters. Warm wind and low depths make it the perfect family vacation. Expect to see lots of tourists from all over the world as well as from all parts of Portugal. The Marinas are especially busy with bars, shops and restaurants. Some hotels are fantastic with big swimming pools very close to small rocky beaches. There are also spa facilities, golf courses, a few water parks and a marine zoo. Perfect for open water divers, depths around Albufeira and Portimão range from 10mts to no longer then 24mts. Sandy bottoms with scattered rocks are home for giant nudibranches, shrimps, anemones and sea stars. Near shore the caves are famous for their natural beauty. Diving in Algarve should really be a complement for your vacation to get your whole body refreshed in the warmer days. If you are a dive expert and want some more action, the Sagres area has a lot more diving diversity and opportunities to pump your adrenaline. Algarve is excellent for a cool diving vacation with family members or friends that don’t dive because they will be as happy as you.

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